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BADth Conference (Online) 

October 2021

At the British Association of Dramatherapist's Online 2021 Conference, Kyra and Marissa presented an experiential workshop and lecture on 'Exploring narratives and amplifying voices through the creative arts'. As part of this lecture, Kyra and Marissa also spoke about ways to support each other as a multi-cultural co-facilitation duo. 

June 2021

Not 1 More

Britain Behind the Mask facilitated two free workshops for staff members and volunteers of Not 1 More, whose mission is for everyone who defends the Earth to be safe and to be free. Britain Behind the Mask aim to amplify the stories, perspectives and narratives of Not 1 More to reflect upon the silenced communities of climate activists - especially those who face criminalisation, violence, or death due to their work.


Dramatherapy SouthWest

30 Jan 2021

Britain Behind the Mask were delighted to run an experiential workshop and present a lecture at the AGM for Dramatherapy SouthWest. It was a privilege to see the beautiful masks which came from the workshop, and to educate dramatherapists on how to engage with mask-making and storytelling to offer clients a space to explore identity and narratives of Self.